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No-one was taught about the importance of skincare or Make-Up tips, at school...

So, how do you know how to apply & what to use ???

Don't Worry... Here's some Tips from the top...

How to achieve the best Highlight & Contour 

Highlight and Contour isn't scary, it just takes a little practise..... Once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder why you were worried

Liquid Liner

Liquid Liner isn't the easiest to apply on ourselves...

Hope this helps

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Apply Beachfront Body Bronzer - No Streaks

You CAN do this ..... It's all in the preparation and correct application. Follow the guidelines for a streak free, year round tan!

Fabulous Eyes -  with Splurge Cream

Learn how to make your eyes POP with the Splurge No creasing, Cream to Powder Eyeshadow

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The Perfect Cat Eye

Never struggle with your Cat-Eye Flicks again !!!

Face & Eye Primer

Primer is essential to a long lasting make up application, if you apply correctly, your look will last for yours !!!

Our Recent Work

Did You Know You Can Mix Products?

No need to be afraid when playing with your Younique Make Up..... Loading or mixing products works really well, so, play away! 

3D Fiberlashes+ Correct Application

Transplanting Gel and Fibers = Messy !!!

NOT ANYMORE..... It's easy when you know how

Make Up doesn't have to be scary,  

its all about having fun, playing with colours, 

creating your own look & owning it !  You Are Beautiful...